OpenQASM is an imperative programming language for describing quantum circuits. It is capable of describing universal quantum computing using the circuit model, measurement-based model, and near-term quantum computing experiments.

This repo contains the OpenQASM specification, examples, and tools for the OpenQASM intermediate representation.

OpenQASM is a Qiskit project. The following subpages give an introduction to the language including some interactive examples.

Citation format

For research papers, we encourage authors to reference.

  • [Version 3.0] Andrew W. Cross, Ali Javadi-Abhari, Thomas Alexander, Niel de Beaudrap, Lev S. Bishop, Steven Heidel, Colm A. Ryan, John Smolin, Jay M. Gambetta, Blake R. Johnson "OpenQASM 3: A broader and deeper quantum assembly language" [arxiv:2104.14722].
  • [Previous Version: 2.0] Andrew W. Cross, Lev S. Bishop, John A. Smolin, Jay M. Gambetta "Open Quantum Assembly Language" [arXiv:1707.03429].
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