Quantum Computing and Quantum Information

Quantum Computing fosters the exceptional differences of Quantum Mechanics to perform computational tasks in a different way -- Sometimes, with greatly improved efficiency in regards to computational time, power consumption or security.

The following pages explain some of the basic concepts of this field. When it comes to quantum circuits, we use the language of OpenQasm, you kind find an introduction on how to use this language here: Learn about OpenQASM.

  1. The Quantum Bit

    A formal description of the quantum bit (qubit)

  2. The Quantum Gates

    Formal description of quantum gates

  3. Mulit-Qubit Gates

    A formal description of multi-qubit gates

  4. QuBit Measurements

    Descriptiion of QuBit Measurements

  5. Simple Quantum Algorithms

    Some first simple quantum algorithm


The Quantum Bit

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